Are you crazy enough to think you can change  the world?

5 Steps to Create Your Vivid Vision

for HSP, Sensitive, Empath, Introvert - Coaches and Changemakers

"Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant"


Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world?

Does the world sometimes leave you exhausted?
Have you been called too sensitive?
Are you an over-thinker?
Do you take on other people's energy/feelings?

Chances are that you're an HSP/Empath/introvert/intuitive/deep feeler and thinker. I'm usually not much for labels, but I've come to realize that they do serve a purpose for understanding ourselves and find better strategies to cope. And, especially in this digital world, find like-minded that also use the Hashtag.

You probably feel that you need to have a deeper purpose to what you're doing and are either a coach or a changemaker in some way.

There are so many challenges and possibilities that we have and It feels important for me to create a space where we can connect and share experiences and strategies that helps us to move towards the life we want to live and bring our visions to life. So we can bring out our work in a way that works for us

Therefore I've done 5 days or five steps to create your Vivid Vision. 
It's an experience so you can get clarity on that change you want to make and your next steps.

Register below now and come and join all the other people crazy enough to know we can change the world!


Frida Kabo

- Lic. LifeSpider Coach & Possibility Explorer

Frida spends her days bringing visions to life, both her own and her clients. As a HSP, Sensitive, Empath, and Introvert she knows there's a different way to do it than the extroverted norm.

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