5 Personality tests that will help you understand yourself

test tools Jul 24, 2017

What can personality tests really say about you? A test is never the absolute truth because it is your answers of how you are and/or how you want to be. Do not let these tests define you but use them as a tool to get to know you better. Remember no matter what the result is you can always learn something from them about you or your current situation. When you have done a test, take a step back from the result and observe how you react on the result. What can you learn from the result and what can you learn from your reaction on the result.  Here are 5 Personality tests that will help you understand yourself 


These are five of my favorite tests:

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1. Use your intuition to answer this Archetypal test based on Jungs Archetypes. The first free test will let you know your primary archetype which will help you understand more about yourself and how you can get your message out in the world. Really useful if you have your own business or want to start one.




2. This test is a test based on the Mayers briggs type indicators and can help you understand more about yourself and others

- https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test



3. DISC is also a very useful tool to get to know yourself and se how you can reach success, here with Tony Robbins. 

- https://www.tonyrobbins.com/disc/


4. -  What is your inner genius and how do you use it?



5. Are you an Indigo person? Here is a test from the founder of LifeSpider System Birgitta Granström. If you are an Indigo or a Bridge builder and want to know how you can make more difference in the world, send me a message and well chat. 




Would you like to know more about yoursefl on a deeper level? Take a look at my coaching process where we use the LifeSpider model. Read more and register here. 


Please share the insights you got from any of the test in the comments.

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