5 Steps to Create Your Fantastic 2018!

Happy new year! 

Hope you've had a great start on 2018 

Here in Raglan I’ve been to the beach ever day so far and I love it! More beach walks is on my list for 2018 and so far so good. What do you want from 2018? If you haven’t thought about it yet I will share 5 steps to create your fantastic year 2018! So grab you pen and paper or a new document on the computer, turn of Facebook and notifications and focus on these questions. Give yourself this time to really think about what you want from 2018. Put away other peoples expectations and believes about you. This is for you and about what you want, dream about, and feel good about. This is your year! Let’s start:


1. What do you want to keep in your life 2018?

Write down 5 things that you like in your life right now that you want to keep during 2018. It can be something you are, do or have, and it can be big or small. Like your perfect morning tea.


2. What don’t you want in your life 2018?

Write down 5 things that you don’t want in your life in 2018. Five things that you want to stop being, doing or having. Big or small, you decide.


3. What makes you feel good in 2018?

Write down 5 things that you feel really good about doing, having, or being. These five things are not about accomplishment but about raising your energi and include more things in your life that makes you feel good and gives you more energy.


4. What do you want to accomplish 2018?

Choose 3 things that you want to accomplish 2018. These things should be very specific so you know when you have accomplished them. Things that are important to you, that would make you feel that it has been a fantastic year when you have accomplished it. The reason it is only three is because then you have to prioritise whats really important to you.


Bonus steps:

Choose your theme word and theme song for the year! 


5. Celebrate your fantastic year

Imagine that your about to celebrate New Years eve 2018/2019 and write a letter to yourself about all the things that has happen during your fantastic year 2018. Write it down as it already happened. How you feel about keeping the things that you wanted to keep, how you have let go of the things you didn’t want in your life. How it feels with more things that makes you feel good, and how you celebrate your 3 accomplished goals during the year, while listening to your theme song. Write it all out on a piece of paper or a document and take it out to read now and then during the year, and use theme song to get into the right feeling. 


Hope this helped you to create your fantastic year just as it has helped me and my clients. If you want to go more into the exercises or want more help to find out what you really want, look here


And please leave a comment about how you want your fantastic 2018!


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