Have you created your new platform?

Have you created your new platform?

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

I hope you've had a great start to the year 2020!

Before you look at the year ahead, there's something important I would encourage you to do. If you haven't already, look back at what has happened during 2019, do it without judgment. This is really important, not to see what you did or didn't do last year. It's important because you want to see the platform you are standing on now. Too look at the lessons, and then let go and accept that what has happened is in the past. After you've done that, we can look forward.

Answer these 3 questions:

1. What are the 4 biggest successes/accomplishments that happened in 2019?

2. What are the 4 biggest obstacles/lessons 2019?

3. What are the 4 biggest things that happened that don't fit into question 1 or 2?


For me, 2019 was the year when I:
- Traveled to California for a LIfeSpider Coach training with Birgitta Granstrom, Founder of LifeSpider System
- I started to make my jewelry and sold them in a shop, and then I stopped
- We visited our family in Sweden
- I coached new LifeSpiders to find themselves and the life they want to live

My biggest obstacles/lessons:
- My IBS diagnoses I got at the end of 2018 and trying to figure out what that really meant and trying to fix it.
- A collaboration that didn't go as planned gave me a lot of teachings and insights.
- On a deeper level, how important it is with self-love
- On a deeper level, that saying no is saying yes and what I want to focus on

Other things outside of this that I remember from 2019:
- Family memories
- I've Become a Business mentor
- We got Guinea Pigs :-)

So my new platform is where I'm at now. What is the difference for me now and where I was a year ago. In short my platform now is:
I'm focusing even more on LifeSpider Coaching because I see the results for my clients, get to use my gifts, and it's so amazingly fun! I'm also having a platform where I'm more self-loving and accepting where I'm at with my IBS and see the importance of saying no to say yes to myself, my family and my business.

So now it's your turn to define your new platform. And it is definitely not a contest. It's about really seeing your platform as it is right now. Not as you want it to be.
Here are some questions to reflect around:
- How does my new platform look?
- Where is my new starting point?
- Who am I?
- What are my strengths?
- What are my conditions?
- In what way am I bigger?
- What has changed?
- What people do I have around me on my new platform?
- How does it look? emotional, mental, physical, spiritual
- and so on

Great! Now you have created your new platform and know where your starting point is for 2020! The next step is to create an emotion board for how you want to feel during 2020 to let the feelings be your compass throughout the year. If you want to know more about that or have some help with defining your new platform, just sen me a message ([email protected]) or tell me in the comments.

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