How are you?

How are you?

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

"How are you?" is a question we get quite often. How do you feel about that question? Do you answer? Do you answer "good" or do you answer truthfully? What would be a truthful answer for you? Why do we even ask the question when clearly so many do not want to hear the real answer? Because it is polite? Honestly though, how polite is it to ask a question that we don't want the answer to? What would happen if we only asked the question when we are prepared to hear the real answer and to see the other person where he or she is right now without judgement? What would happen if we actually took the question seriously when someone asked us and told them how it was?

It's mental health awareness week here in New Zealand and I think that one key to better mental health is to listen, communicate and connect. Listen to ourselves, our body, our inner voice and communicate our wants and needs. Connect with ourselves and the people around us. See us as the human beings we are and not some super-machine. We have ups and down, we are sad, we have bad days, we need to ask for help, we can not do this alone. We are also happy, amazing, strong and independent and everything is a part of the human experience.

Can we start by changing the question: "How are you?" to "How do you feel?" just because we feel something doesn't mean that that is what we are. Ask the question and be interested in the answer, just listen and be there for the person in front of you. And be honest to yourself about how you feel, see the situation as it is. Awareness is the first step to change.

If you want to you can start by sending me a message with how you feel? I am here for you.

With Dreams, Love, and Adventure,
Frida Kabo
- LifeSpider Coach & Possibility Explorer

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