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7 Ways To Get Out Of Overwhelm

overwhelm Nov 17, 2019

Do you ever feel yourself becoming overwhelmed?

It always feels like there is so much we need to do. There is eating, sleeping, working, exercising, getting the kids to school, then to their after school activities, plus planning for holidays and volunteering.

And that doesn’t even take into account the things we want to do!

The list seems to get longer and longer. We strive to be that superhuman that can do it all.

But in reality, it’s all becoming too much and we don’t remember why we are doing it anymore. You are stuck in overwhelm.

Read on to find out what overwhelm is and learn seven strategies to overcome it.


What Is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm is that yucky feeling that it’s all too much. That we don’t know what to do anymore and we’re just trying to keep our head above water. We feel that we might get in flow and gain clarity if we just didn’t have so many things on the list.

But here’s the thing, overwhelm is a choice.

It’s a state of mind that you are unconsciously choosing to be in. If you think about it, you can choose to do things differently and not to be in overwhelm.

By changing your mindset, you are creating space for new thoughts and a new way of being. It might feel like the overwhelm is keeping you safe. But in reality, it’s keeping you where you are.

It’s great to recognize it, but how can you make this shift in mindset?


7 Ways To Get Out Of Overwhelm

There are a number of ways that you can get out of overwhelm.

Here are 7 suggestions. You can choose the ones that you feel will have the most impact for you...

1. Choose A Better State: Sometimes it can be as simple as choosing not to feel overwhelmed anymore. Think about these things… if you weren't overwhelmed, what would you like to be? How would that feel? And what would you do if you weren't overwhelmed right now? Does it mean asking for help, letting some stuff go, or prioritizing your tasks?

2. Write It All Down: Writing down everything you have spinning around in your head on a piece of paper can be very healing. It helps you to see exactly what is taking your focus. Having it there in front of you gets the thoughts out of your head and makes them easier to organize. Do you actually need to have all of these things in our head?

3. Make A List Of What You Have Done: Often we only focus on what we have to do. Write a list of everything that you already have done. Look at what you have already achieved and celebrate - no matter how big or small the achievement is. It helps you to see that you are making progress.

4. Think About Your Why: Why are you doing what you are doing? Connect into the intention and your bigger why. Is it for your family, your health, your happiness, a bigger contribution to the world, or some other reason? Centering your focus on what really matters can help you see what's really important and deserves your focus.

5. Get Outside: There is something incredibly relaxing and recharging about the great outdoors. Connect with nature by getting out and breathing in the fresh air. Take a walk, enjoy your surroundings and give your mind a break.

6. Take Time For You: Sometimes a little break is all you need to recharge the batteries and let you tackle the next task. Do something you really enjoy doing to reset your mind and give you an energy boost.

7. Take Small Steps: Look at the smallest next step you can do right now. Take that step and celebrate your accomplishments. A step forward, however small, means you are making progress. You can be happy about that!


Overwhelm can really kick your butt if you let it. But, if you take steps to let go of it, then you can reduce your stress levels and enjoy doing the things you love.

If you need help with working through the overwhelm in your life, then get in touch with me today. One of my specialties is helping you develop the right strategies to live the life you want. Contact me now to find out more.

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