Ready for a major shift in your life?

Change is coming. You can feel it with all your senses. There is something new going on, changing the consciousness of human reality. You play a big part in this human evolution, with a higher sensitivity in both your senses and in your body.  

In this new paradigm, you know that what happens within you will create what happens outside you. This is the concept that the LifeSpider System is built upon - so liberating and a bit daunting.


How Does It Work?

The old systems and concepts of society feel too narrow and limiting for you now. You want to break free from the old way and from limiting patterns of behaviour. To do this, you have to break your inner thought patterns and expand into the possibility that the old truths are no longer valid.

Drifting along and seeing what happens is no longer enough for you. You want to take back control of your own life. You know that you can be and do so much more, and the time is now.


Stepping Out Of The Old Paradigm

The old paradigm led us to believe that the outside world was more important than the inside world. That what we do and what we produce is more important than how we feel and think. This closed system has brought the world to the state that it is in today.

By stepping into the new paradigm, we are simply letting go of what isn’t working and opening ourselves up to new ways. These new ways are more powerful, with more room for playfulness and pleasure. They allow us to bring these benefits into the systems that already work.


As Birgitta Granström, the founder of LifeSpider System writes:

“Your personal Paradigm Shift is carrying the same principle that applies when it was discovered that the earth was round. Nothing had actually changed but a new radical shift in perception. And as you know, that perception really changed the world and humans way of living.”

The new paradigm is a safe space that allows you to live your passion for your own life, as well as serve the development of others.

To enter the new paradigm,  you must accept your role in the creation of your own reality. You must be willing to look at what is operating your life, your inner and/or your outer patterns, and determine if they align with and nurture your passions, happiness and fulfilment. That’s where I can help.


Are You Ready?

Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready to move into the new paradigm:

  • What assumptions are the foundation for your choices in life?
  • In what ways are you ready for new possibilities in your life?
  • What kind of possibilities are out there waiting for you?
  • What changes would you make if you knew for sure that you were the creator?


These questions may feel daunting at first, but the answers you need are all within you. The LifeSpider system is designed to help you connect with your inner guidance, break free from those old beliefs and discover a world of possibilities that is waiting for you.

If you are ready to shift from the old paradigm to the new but aren’t sure what that might look like for you, then click here to book your FREE mini-session. I can help you break free from those old beliefs and open you up to a world of possibility.

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