What do you believe in?


Belief = a psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true

I find the word 'Believe' really interesting. Sometime we get the impression that we have to know something to be true in order to believe them. But we can actually choose what we want to believe in and explore that. Right now I am choosing to explore what to believe in, just because it makes my life more interesting. What do you like to explore? What would make your life a bit more interesting if you believed in it?

Honestly we do not have to take life so serious, let’s play!

One thing I am exploring right now is Reiki Healing. Wether it is the universal energy, the placebo effect or the knowledge that someone is focusing on you. I know that it works if you are open for it to work. If you want to try it out for yourself I am offering a 50% discount on my Reiki Heling Distance sessions during February. What is needed from you is that you find a comfy place where you can relax and a time when you can do that for at least 20 minutes. Use the code 50 and book here: https://www.fridakabo.com/p/book

Hit reply and tell me what you would like to explore or believe in to make your life more interesting!

With Dreams, Love, and Adventure,

Frida Kabo

- LifeSpiderCoach, Possibility Explorer & Reiki Healer


When nothing is certain, anything is possible

Change your life by listening to your feelings!

Your feelings have important information for you that will change your life. If you just take the time to listen. Try it for yourself in this exercise that will take you to the NEXT LEVEL: Change your life by listening to your feelings.

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