What do you really want?

What do you really want? My first coach was sitting in front of me asking me this question. I could not answer and I realised that I hadn’t thought of what I wanted for a long time. Life had just rushed on with it’s everyday schedule. The focus was on the kids, the family, the work, the house and everything else that needed fixing and planning. 


What did I really want?


One thing I knew was that I couldn’t go on like it was now. The energy was disappearing from me and I got very little energy back. One part of me wished for a quiet room with white walls and no demands. Another part of me demanded more and knew that life was suppose to be fun and wanted adventure. I knew that I had to find out what I wanted to get the energy I needed to cope. This was not a life I wanted for my kids, so I needed to find another way of living. 


Slowly I started to listen to the signs that lead me to what I wanted. The butterflies in my belly came back and the lust for life came back. I still have days when I long for a quiet space and then I allow myself to rest. 


Today I live a life that I love and allows me to be me. I’m living the adventure with my family on the other side of the world. I work mainly online and can plan my days as I wish and have now started to write my first book. That makes my butterflies in my belly fly right now. 


Do you know what you really want?


Change your life by listening to your feelings!

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