What is the LifeSpider System?

The LifeSpider System is a system that educates you in Self Leadership and helps you find your way back to you. The model we work with looks like a spider and therefore the name. 

LifeSpider System™ is for you who are ready to evolve personally as well as contribute to the evolution of our world. It is for you who recognize that life has a higher purpose and are ready and willing to receive higher vibrations that will allow you to live your passion for life, as well as serve the development of others.

Your LifeSpider™ is your unique code with your driving forces, your life purposes linked to unique life projects. You are using your LifeSpider™ to create a partnership between your ego and soul and let them work as a team to realize your LifeProjects. Once you have identified your LifeSpider ™ you’re not longing to become someone else, you just want to become more of yourself to manifest your Life Projects.

Two of the legs are your support legs and are based on the Maslow's Hierarchy of need. To have a powerful spider you need to have the foundations in place. Your Physiological needs, Safety needs, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. When we are standing on the top of the hierarchy and asking "what's next?". That's when the rest of the LifeSpider comes in.

Birgitta Granström is the founder of LifeSpider System. She is a pioneer in the coaching industry, founding the first ICF Accredited Coach training in Sweden. Ten years ago she decided to be a digital nomad to free the time to develop LifeSpider System™. Now she lives in the Californian wilderness with her animal tribe and leading the international LifeSpider Galaxy. Living her dream, mission, and vision. I am honored to say that I have trained directly under Birgitta Granström and continue to explore together with her. She is truly brilliant, an inspiration, coach, teacher, and a friend.

LifeSpider System™ is built upon 20+ years of experience of teaching personal development, coaching thousands of clients, training hundreds of coaches and more than 30.000 hours of research in philosophy, religion, quantum physics, metaphysics phenomena and more. Finally, LifeSpider Coaching™ – with hundreds of people and trained Lifespider coaches™ to verify and prove that LifeSpider System™ delivers personal paradigm shifting results.

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