4 Reasons why it's important to be visible

4 Reasons why it's important to be visible as a sensitive introverted coach and changemaker

visibility guide Feb 06, 2021

You became a coach and changemaker because you want to help people and set things right in the world. You are a part of a critical mission, and the more that hears about it, the more difference it can make.


But as a sensitive introvert, you don't have to do it like the extroverts! Don't try to be someone else. The way for you to make a big difference in the world is to stay true to who you are.


Unwillingness or fear of being visible is one thing that holds Sensitive introvert coaches and changemakers back. I know from my own experience and my clients that it is so much easier for us when we have a powerful Why. Here are four reasons why it's crucial to be more visible. 


Why is it important to be visible?

Why is it important to be visible? And why is it important to know why? Because if we understand why we should do it, then it's more likely that we do it.


When you want to create change in the world, in people, in your own life, there has to be a place where you can connect with them.


1. People buy from people.

People buy from people. The more people see you, the more you build the know, like, and trust with the clients.

Who are you most likely to buy from; Someone you know has a good reputation or a random person on the street? Right!? So if you are more visible, people will get to know you, they will see you, they will listen to you, and feel your vibe.


2. Attract people who like your vibe.

The more people you can be visible and connect with, the more likely you are to attract people who like your vibe and resonates with you. People often describe me as calm and relaxed. And some people like that, others will not like that. They might want a bit more speed or craziness.


That's exactly how it should be because I'm not for everyone. You're not for everyone. So we have to show who we are for and not. Some people will not like us. And that's all right. Some people love us. And that's what we want. Right?


By showing up, we make it possible for people to have an opinion about us. And that's what we're afraid of, but we also want that because we want them to appeal or repeal.



The two next questions go more into the deeper why of what it is you want to create:

3. Live the life you want.

The third reason why you should be visible connects to how you want to live your life. You're probably looking for another way of living. You want to have a business that supports your life and how you want to live.


What do you not want? You don't want to be stuck in the box of a title or need to go to an office or something else you don't want to do.


What do you want? You might want to spend more time with your family, travel, live in the countryside, and explore your potential because you know you have so much to offer. You can decide how you want your life to be.


4. Remember your bigger mission.

Last but not least reason to be Visible is so you can create the impact you're here to make. So tap into and see that this is your bigger mission. If you feel this passionate about it, you are on the right way, even if you don't know the whole picture, and we don't until we're there! 


We often overthink this, jup, easy to do, I know. It's usually so integrated with you that you don't see it as something special. And so, in fact, you have it right in front of you, but you might not be able to see it yet. You find the clues in what makes your heart fuzzy, or what makes you sad, or when you can't understand when other people don't see it.


It's also usually to do with something that has happened in our lives, and we have experienced ourselves in our "life university."


And remember, we have more than one purpose, more missions. (If you would like some help to look at this, you can book in a "discover your why" session with me here.)


Keep that in mind that you can help more people by doing what you're passionate about if you are more visible.



Be more visible.

Those are the four reasons to be more visible. You can read more about this and get more inquiries and challenges in the visibility guide, download here.


So why is it important to be visible? keep track of your bigger why your purposes, to be able to create the life we want to live, let people connect with you and get attracted by your vibe, and remember people buy from people, show them that you're a person!


We need more people like you in the world to use their sensitivity as their superpower and shine and be visible, so others permit themselves to do the same. You and your mission are so important!

The Visibility Guide

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Fear of being seen is one of the biggest things that holds Coaches and Change Makers back from creating their big vision for themselves and what they want to do in the world. therefore I created this for you.


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