Would you like more freedom?

freedom Jul 06, 2018

Would you like more freedom?

I hear a lot of my clients wanting more freedom and I know I longed for it as well. But in reality, we are not imprisoned so the freedom is right here. Freedom is nothing that we need to reach or work for. Freedom is something we have already, we just have to realise it.

What is making you feel that you don’t have any freedom? You! Your thoughts, the feeling that you have to adjust or make yourself smaller. You put yourself in a box where you think you should be or where you think that other people want you. And the price you pay is your freedom. But do you know what? The freedom is right here and all you have to do, to have the freedom you want, is to claim it.

You are free to do whatever you want (except breaking the laws)

With the freedom, you also have the freedom to choose. You can choose to go or you can choose to stay. You can choose to rescue someone else or you can choose to not stepping into their drama. You can choose to stay small or you can choose to grow.

What if what’s limiting your freedom really is your comfort zone?

The first step to claim your freedom is to see that you already have it. Are you ready to do that?

You are free!

Could it be that behind the longing for freedom is something else that’s hiding? What if you would dare to look at that and be more specific about what it is that you want? Being vague is a self-saboteur that protects you from going out of the comfort zone to do what you really want. So now that you know that you are already free. What did the longing for freedom really mean? What was your picture of freedom? Do you dare to be more specific about what you want? Because you might get it!

What does freedom mean to you?

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