Time for something new - 7 Steps to start

Oct 15, 2019

Do you feel it's time to do something new? Read on for 7 steps you can follow to make it happen.

I do feel it's time for something new!
So I'm going to start a podcast, and I believe in creating the support we need, so I've registered for a course on creating my podcast. And the first thing I'm supposed to do is to set a podcast date, and the second thing is to tell you guys about it. 

-I hereby announce that I will release my podcast on the 26:th of November!

Wow, it feels a bit scary to make it so real, and at the same time exciting to actually do it.

The podcast is going to be about creating the life you want to live, making changes, and living on purpose. Does that sound interesting?

I am going to do some interviews, so if you know someone that you would enjoy listening to on this subject, let me know!

7 steps to start something new:

1. Choose one thing that you want to do. It's ok that it feels a little nervous, that's how we know we're alive and a sign that it means...

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Choose what you want right now

Sep 04, 2019

So many great answers to the question: What's holding you back from creating change and create the life you want to live?

Money, Demands (from yourself or others), Motivation, Procrastination, Tiredness, Not realistic, Too much to do, Time, Netflix, the mind, eating right, ... I'm going to go into the specifics of these things, but I want to address the bigger picture first.
I get it, I've been there, and I recognise myself in most of your answers... And it is how we usually are thought to see the world; "If I could only have/do/be this, then I would do/feel this." And we get stuck in the lack mindset, victim mode, the feeling that something is missing in our lives and that we can't do anything about it.
What if I told you that you could choose what you want right now? And what if you are choosing what you're having/doing/being right now? That may seem a bit hard, but play with it for a while and be curios to where it can lead you. If you were 100% responsible for the...

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3 years in New Zealand

Jul 28, 2019

As I write this, I am making the same trip, from Sweden to New Zealand, that I did 3 years ago with a big difference: Then I was moving away, and this time I am coming home. We have just been to visit the family in Sweden, and it has been wonderful.

In this post, I wanted to share some of the milestones, and what has happened during our first 3 years that we have lived in New Zealand.

We have lived the adventure of living somewhere completely new
I'm working with my passion to help others find the meanings of their lives
My business has taken off internationally
The kids have started school and learned english
We have been swiming in the ocean more times that I can count
We've had visits from our parents
We have been to two camping vacations around New Zealand
I've made a business trip to California
Found wonderful friends
Received my licence as a LifeSpider Coach
Started my own jewellery line
Been on the board of Raglan Chamber of Commerce
Structured life the way I want it

I also have...

broken my...

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What’s your mission, agent?

Apr 24, 2019

What if you’ve been sent here on earth with a specific mission? (or six missions) What if the only way you could carry out those missions and get a life that would get you closer to solve the mission, was to wipe your memory, so you didn’t remember anything?

I’ve been binge watching Blindspot (Easter and tummy bug in the house). It’s a series where a woman wakes up naked in a bag on times square with no memories and tattoos all over her body which helps the FBI to solve a lot of cases. She’s getting flashbacks from her former life and !spoiler alert! Eventually realises that she has done this to herself to put herself in a position where she can carry out her mission.

I can’t help but drawing parallels from this series and LifeSpider System. Both are like a treasure hunt where we are finding clues in the past, from patterns and events that leads us to the missions who have here. The clues to our missions/ life purposes/ life intentions, or what...

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What is Self coaching?

Mar 15, 2019

Self Coaching is a technique to lead yourself to success. Leading yourself means you are aware of your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. A conscious awareness about yourself means that you can quickly choose how to react and act in a situation.

Coaching is a qualified communication that helps you find the answer to the questions; Who are you? What do you want? How will you get there?

The reason that coaching has been so successful and why it delivers such high results is because when someone else asks you questions, it kick starts new thoughts within you and you find the answers that are true to you. Another reason that coaching works so well is that an external coach doesn’t put any values or judgments on who you are, what you want, what you have experienced in your life or what you feel and think. A coach asks questions because they are interested in knowing where you are right now to make a plan, so you as the client take steps forward. To be able to coach yourself you...

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Ready for a major shift in your life?

Nov 14, 2018

Change is coming. You can feel it with all your senses. There is something new going on, changing the consciousness of human reality. You play a big part in this human evolution, with a higher sensitivity in both your senses and in your body.  

In this new paradigm, you know that what happens within you will create what happens outside you. This is the concept that the LifeSpider System is built upon - so liberating and a bit daunting.


How Does It Work?

The old systems and concepts of society feel too narrow and limiting for you now. You want to break free from the old way and from limiting patterns of behaviour. To do this, you have to break your inner thought patterns and expand into the possibility that the old truths are no longer valid.

Drifting along and seeing what happens is no longer enough for you. You want to take back control of your own life. You know that you can be and do so much more, and the time is now.


Stepping Out Of The Old Paradigm

The old...

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How are you?

Oct 09, 2018

"How are you?" is a question we get quite often. How do you feel about that question? Do you answer? Do you answer "good" or do you answer truthfully? What would be a truthful answer for you? Why do we even ask the question when clearly so many do not want to hear the real answer? Because it is polite? Honestly though, how polite is it to ask a question that we don't want the answer to? What would happen if we only asked the question when we are prepared to hear the real answer and to see the other person where he or she is right now without judgement? What would happen if we actually took the question seriously when someone asked us and told them how it was?

It's mental health awareness week here in New Zealand and I think that one key to better mental health is to listen, communicate and connect. Listen to ourselves, our body, our inner voice and communicate our wants and needs. Connect with ourselves and the people around us. See us as the human beings we are and not some...

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What kind of mum do you want to be?

Jul 19, 2018

What kind of mum do you want to be?

“- When I become a mum, I will never bribe my kids with candy or food.” Yes, I actually did say this before I had kids. Bahahaha.

It is so easy to have an opinion about what we don’t know. Especially when it comes to parenthood or motherhood. That’s because we have all had some kind of experience of a  mother figure and we all have an opinion of what works and what doesn’t. Most of all, we know what we will do better than our parents, and what they did really good. It is not until we become parents ourselves that we really understand the struggles as a parent.


Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out...

More than a couple of times I’ve heard my mum’s voice coming out of my mouth. Not literally, but when I am telling the kids something that my mum told me when I was young. Saying things that I haven’t really thought about. There is so much information on how to be a good mum, you...

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Would you like more freedom?

Jul 06, 2018

Would you like more freedom?

I hear a lot of my clients wanting more freedom and I know I longed for it as well. But in reality, we are not imprisoned so the freedom is right here. Freedom is nothing that we need to reach or work for. Freedom is something we have already, we just have to realise it.

What is making you feel that you don’t have any freedom? You! Your thoughts, the feeling that you have to adjust or make yourself smaller. You put yourself in a box where you think you should be or where you think that other people want you. And the price you pay is your freedom. But do you know what? The freedom is right here and all you have to do, to have the freedom you want, is to claim it.

You are free to do whatever you want (except breaking the laws)

With the freedom, you also have the freedom to choose. You can choose to go or you can choose to stay. You can choose to rescue someone else or you can choose to not stepping into their drama. You can choose to stay small or...

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Sweden vs New Zealand

Jun 06, 2018

Today, the 6:th of June is the Swedish national day. Happy Birthday, Sweden!  
I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of the differences I've observed between Sweden and New Zealand since we moved here almost two years ago. 


Let’s talk about the weather! 

Yes, both Swedes and Kiwis talk a lot about the weather, only in New Zealand we have, what we call April weather in Sweden, all year around. That is all: the four seasons weather on the same day. And longer summers, at least here in Raglan.



The seasons change by the calendar here in New Zealand and in Sweden, it’s by the temperature. 



- Sweden is on the opposite side of the globe. 

- When it's winter here it's summer there. 

- When it's night here, it's day there. The time difference is 10 hours now and when Sweden goes into wintertime and New Zealand goes into summertime there is a 12 hours time difference.

- We drive on the opposite side of...

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