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5 things to get you started when you want to become more visible

Where do you start when you want to be more visible? Being more visible is about getting people to see you and attract the right people. And just letting yourself shine, where you want to shine, as we talked about in all the other trainings, being in the right place, all of those things. But it's also important to start; otherwise, we won't get anywhere.

Here are 5 points that will help you to do that.

1. Overthinking

One thing that can hold us back when we want to be more visible is overthinking. As HSP's (Highly Sensitive Persons), we are prone to overthinking because we process things deeply.

That is a fantastic thing! We have brilliant brains that want to keep us safe. We can use that deep processing to our advantage.

But it can also keep us stuck because we're working on sorting the thoughts instead of doing what we want—thinking about too many things at the same time and wasting our energy by being too far ahead.

When we become aware of this, we can choose to stay...

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4 things you need to have in place to be more visible

When we start to be visible, there are a few things that we need to have in place. But to get them in place, you need to start taking the first steps and get the information and feedback you need. So don't use it as an excuse not to get started. You will get them in place along the way, and remember, it's an ongoing process.

1. Explore your boundaries

"Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them, and how they will respond when someone passes those limits."

I think the big focus here is "a person creates". Because with your boundaries, you are the one who creates your boundaries, no one else. It's a creation and something that you explore. There is no right or wrong; only you can feel right for yourself. Boundaries can be conscious or unconscious. So you probably have a lot of boundaries in place already without even thinking about it. By becoming aware of them and...

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How Can I support myself while being more visible?

Being more visible can be scary, and we can do scary things, right!?!
Especially as Highly Sensitive and introverts, we need to take care of ourselves and support ourselves to be the best we can be. The Visibility Guide is about this (download it here). And in this blog post, I will address eight things on where you can support yourself while being more visible.

1. Self-Care

Self-care can mean so many things on so many levels. What do you need to be the best you? What do you need to be able to be visible? Is it taking a walk before? Knowing that the kids are happy at school? Is it saying no to an event? Saying yes to something exciting? Having the bills sorted? Asking for help? Booking a massage? Allowing yourself to cry? or take a retreat weekend for yourself.

Only you can feel what you need and communicate it. What do you need to be the best you? What do you need to show up as the person you want to? And it's not about being someone else; It's about being you.

The next one is also...

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What if they don't like me?!

When we're starting to be more visible and showing up in a way we haven't shown up before, it's easy to ask ourselves: What if they don't like me?


This question can come up consciously or unconsciously and can hold us back! 

Have you asked yourself this question? 


Well, what other people think is non of your business.


But if you still struggle with this, as I have done, and it comes up from time to time.


Here are four things that have helped me and can hopefully help you too.

1. Be specific with who you're talking to

Be specific with who you're talking to. When you know with whom you're talking. Then you also know who's feedback and opinion actually matters. If you feel like you need to explain your message and business to an uncle sceptical or an ignorant friend, it makes it scarier.


When you know you're talking to those who understand and need your offer, it's going to be so much easier. And your energy and focus are in the right...

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How can I be more visible?

How can you be more visible? How can you reach more people? How can you get more clients? Since you're reading this, you've probably asked yourself at least one of these questions.


In this post, I'm going to address the HOW question from some different angles.


"How?" is often a question that we start asking too soon. Before we ask how, we need to ask ourselves why and what. I encourage you to go back and read previous posts on this and download the visibility guide here. 


On the other hand, if you've been thinking about WHY and WHAT for too long without getting the answer, you will find more clues by getting started. So your WHY can also be that you're curious about it that you want to explore, that you want to try, that you want to see if it's something for you, and so on.


So think about your why. Why do you want to be more visible?


Now here are 4 points around how you can be more visible:

1. There is not 'one right way'.


There is not...

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Who am I to be more visible?

Who am I to be more visible? Is that a question you've been asking yourself? If so, you are not alone. This question comes up, especially for us overthinkers and deep feelers. Let me ask you this:

Who are you not to be visible?

You have an important mission that people need to hear about! In this blog post, I will go through 4 things around this question that I hope will help you on your journey.


If you haven't already, you can also download the free Visibility Guide to help you reflect around this, and more.

1. There is no one else like you.

You are unique with your personality, experiences, and knowing. No one else can say things the way you do. And that's why it's so crucial for you to be visible so they can find you. You might be saying the same thing as someone else, but someone needs to hear it from you, with your story and energy attached to it.


When we start to focus on something, I know that it can feel like everyone else is doing the same thing....

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4 Reasons why it's important to be visible as a sensitive introverted coach and changemaker

You became a coach and changemaker because you want to help people and set things right in the world. You are a part of a critical mission, and the more that hears about it, the more difference it can make.


But as a sensitive introvert, you don't have to do it like the extroverts! Don't try to be someone else. The way for you to make a big difference in the world is to stay true to who you are.


Unwillingness or fear of being visible is one thing that holds Sensitive introvert coaches and changemakers back. I know from my own experience and my clients that it is so much easier for us when we have a powerful Why. Here are four reasons why it's crucial to be more visible. 


Why is it important to be visible?

Why is it important to be visible? And why is it important to know why? Because if we understand why we should do it, then it's more likely that we do it.


When you want to create change in the world, in people, in your own life, there has to be a...

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A story about being in between - A Bridge builder

Have you always felt different? Understanding both sides but not agreeing or disagreeing with any of them? Do you fit in almost everywhere and don't feel that you belong anywhere? Have you ever had a desire to "save the world"?


If so, this blog post is for you. I will share a part of my story that I hope will give you some clarity and make you proud to be a "bridge builder" and honored to be a part of the new normal so you can be more of yourself.


Like all bridge builders, I always feel like I have one foot on each side of the river.


Growing up, I started to look for answers to why we humans were here, why I was alive, the meaning of all of this, and how big the universe was. These thoughts made my head spin a bit, and at the same time, I was surprised that no one else seemed to be thinking about these things. I started feeling like I had missed some vital information that other people knew since they could go about their lives so carelessly. So I assumed that...

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Have you created your new platform?

I hope you've had a great start to the year 2020!

Before you look at the year ahead, there's something important I would encourage you to do. If you haven't already, look back at what has happened during 2019, do it without judgment. This is really important, not to see what you did or didn't do last year. It's important because you want to see the platform you are standing on now. Too look at the lessons, and then let go and accept that what has happened is in the past. After you've done that, we can look forward.

Answer these 3 questions:

1. What are the 4 biggest successes/accomplishments that happened in 2019?

2. What are the 4 biggest obstacles/lessons 2019?

3. What are the 4 biggest things that happened that don't fit into question 1 or 2?


For me, 2019 was the year when I:
- Traveled to California for a LIfeSpider Coach training with Birgitta Granstrom, Founder of LifeSpider System
- I started to make my jewelry and sold them in a shop, and then I stopped
- We visited our...

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7 Ways To Get Out Of Overwhelm

Do you ever feel yourself becoming overwhelmed?

It always feels like there is so much we need to do. There is eating, sleeping, working, exercising, getting the kids to school, then to their after school activities, plus planning for holidays and volunteering.

And that doesn’t even take into account the things we want to do!

The list seems to get longer and longer. We strive to be that superhuman that can do it all.

But in reality, it’s all becoming too much and we don’t remember why we are doing it anymore. You are stuck in overwhelm.

Read on to find out what overwhelm is and learn seven strategies to overcome it.


What Is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm is that yucky feeling that it’s all too much. That we don’t know what to do anymore and we’re just trying to keep our head above water. We feel that we might get in flow and gain clarity if we just didn’t have so many things on the list.

But here’s the thing, overwhelm is a choice.


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