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3 steps to make more impact in the world

There are som important steps to make more impact in the world. We are all making impact wether we are aware of it or not. Thats why awareness is so important so we can choose what impact we want to make. These five steps are about raising your awareness of the impact you are making and can make in your day to day life, it is also about thinking big and think action.


Do you want to make more impact in the world?

3 steps to make more impact in the world


1. Smile - To be more aware of the impact you have on the people you have around you. And how that impact comes back to you. Smile to yourself in the mirror and se how that feels and smile to someone unexpectedly and notice how it impacts them and you. 


2. Money - This is about making concuss decisions and see that you do have the power to impact if you think about it that way. How we spend our money is a vote for what we are supporting. What do you vote for? If you planned to buy something today, think it...

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Be egoistic and change the world!

What if everyone thought of themselves first? What would the world look like? I see a world with happy and passionate people doing what they love and contribute in their own special way using the talents and gifts that they have. I see a world where people draw healthy boundaries. Where it is ok to say no and ok to say yes. I see an authentic world were everyone can be themselves just as they are, no need for judgment or guilt. I see a world where we help each other because we want to and can, not because we think we should or have to. Theres no need to do something just to be accepted, you are accepted just the way you are.


What if you would start living in that world right now?

You might say that it is bad to be egoistic, I say it is good. Being egoistic means that you take responsibility for you and you let everyone else take responsibility for them. If they are grown up, they can handle it. 


If you don’t think of yourself, who will? You might...

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Let's play the game

Life is a game, in fact it's full of different games and you can choose if you want to play or not and you can also choose the rules or if you want to play a different game.


I love playing games and this view on life helps me to have a more playful and open approach to life. We actually don't have to be so serious all the time. let me give you an example.


When I had to go to the grocery store with my two toddlers I would give myself one point for every item I checked of on the list before the shopping was abrupted by one of them: needed a change, where lying screaming on the floor or was missing. Yes, I tried to avoid shopping with them but sometimes I took on the challenge. ;-) 


I have also chosen the game of being an online entrepreneur instead of the one of employment which have two totally different sets of rules. By thinking like this I can also see the situations clearer and adapt to the rules that are actually there.


You can look a bit further...

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