When Nothing is Certain,

Anything is Possible

Enlighten your Shadow Side. $97 NZD

Your shadow side is that part of you, you’re attempting to push away. That part you don’t want to acknowledge or see, because if you did, you think you won’t like it very much.

But what if you could look at your Shadow Side differently?
And see what you have been avoiding or denouncing as part of you, can actually be a powerful ally in your work to bring your vision to life?Enlighten your Shadow Side is a powerful 60 minute session with me where we will shine the light on one part of yourself that you are trying to push away, and I’ll show you how you can use it to power up your life, work, and vision!What you thought was a weakness, can become one of your superpowers!
This 1 hour Enlighten your Shadow Side will:- give you greater UNDERSTANDING of yourself and your reactions. (Understanding the way we work is the secret sauce to bringing our vision to life)- give you back a part of you that you may have forgotten so you can truly EMBRACE who you really are.

Online Programme: Step into your Self- Leadership

This programme will guide you to lead yourself to success and wellbeing. You will get insights about and the tools for managing the new version of you.

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Coaching Process:
Enable Your LifeSpider

An in-depth transformational process on HOW to be the authentic you, live a life with more freedom and create more impact in the world!

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Create a life that matters!

As a Licensed LifeSpider Coach I'm a master of life that enables your personal paradigm shift. My clients describe me as calm and present, and my specialty is to listen and reveal the underlying patterns that make you expand. When nothing is certain, anything is possible” is my favorite saying.

Back in 2014 I really wanted a change in my life and that's when I came in contact with the LifeSpider System. After the life-changing experience of enabling my own LifeSpider. I decided to become a LifeSpider Coach myself and help people the way I have been helped. I've trained directly under Birgitta Granstrom, the founder of LifeSpider Academy and inventor of LifeSpider System. 

Today I'm the first and only Licensed LifeSpider Coach in New Zealand after I've moved here from Sweden with my family in 2016.

LifeSpider System™ is for you who are ready to transform personally as well as contribute to the evolution of our world.

It's for you who are willing to Expand your Universal Impact and place yourself where your uniqueness empowers others to create magnificence to our planet.

LifeSpider System™ is built upon 20+ years of experience of teaching personal development, coaching thousands of clients, training hundreds of coaches and more than 30.000 hours of research in philosophy, religion, quantum physics, metaphysics phenomena and more. Finally, LifeSpider Coaching™ – with hundreds of people and trained Lifespider coaches™ to verify and prove that LifeSpider System™ delivers personal paradigm shifting results.

Welcome to discover more about your Personal Paradigm Shift!