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  • Finding the meaning in some of the traits that you might not like about yourself

    Embrace all sides of you. There is nothing good or bad, only different ways of using it.

  • Understand how you can be an even better coach and changemaker

    It's probably something that you already know would help you...

  • Know what's your Kryptonite

    Like superman, you have your kryptonite that prevents you from using your gifts. Do you know what it is?

  • Learn the number one reason why you're so perceptive of other peoples feelings

    Hint! It has to do with how your brain works.

  • Re-frame your sensitive trait as your superpower

    It really is if you let it.

Who's talking?

Hi there, I'm Frida Kabo

I'm passionate about helping people create more freedom in their lives and creating a life that works for them.

A big part of this is to change the way we see ourselves and what is possible for us. If you're reading this, you probably agree with me.


I'm on a mission to unite the sensitive people on this planet because we are so needed right now. And I believe that we are stronger together. And it's perfect to do it online, because then we can step away when we need to!


I'm a fellow Sensitive Coach & Changemaker who follows my calling to make a greater impact and live a life that works for me.


After realising that I could choose how I wanted to live my life, I started my business online and moved from Sweden to New Zealand with my family in 2016. Realising that I was highly sensitive (HSP) opened up an extra layer of acceptance and understanding for me that I now want to spread to anyone who is ready to listen. Especially as a coach and changmaker. Are you ready?


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