Are you an Indigo, Bridge builder or a seeker in transition?

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Indigo People are highly evolved with an expanded consciousness, sensory awareness and are intuitive, creative thinkers. An Indigo thinks outside ‘the box’ and in a nonlinear way. The complexity in the LifeSpider System™ is easy for an Indigo to understand because they grasping the meaning and significance of information quickly.

Indigo People

The characteristics of an Indigo is a great description of the change in human consciousness & behavior that now are entering our world. Human evolution is still happening but the environmental and external factors are no longer the main driving force. 

There is lots of ongoing discussion about if the Indigos are ‘real’ or not because there is no ‘scientific support’. I don't care, — and I guess you do not either — about if there is scientific support or not. My own research, experience and work with Indigo clients do not need to be verified in an external report. 

About the Indigo Concept

The conception ‘Indigo’ were named by a woman, Nancy Tappe who saw the indigo color as part of her synesthesia and formalized it into a structured system of information.

We are living in a time where new science is working side by side with metaphysics experiences which opens new ways to approach life. What's important — to enter this new world — is that we use methods, systems and philosophies that support us to use our abilities to the best for our selves, others and the world at large.

If you are an 'Indigo' be proud that you are weird enough to think that you can change the face of our planet.

Frida Kabo

- Licensed LifeSpider Coach

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I have chosen to work with Bridge builders and Indigo people because they have the ability, ambition, and power to make a difference in the world.

As a bridge builder myself I help my clients to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. And my personal vision is to help people create peace within so we can create peace in the world.

If you have any questions, even before you do the test, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] 

I'm really excited to connect further!

Are you an Indigo?

Do the test and find out


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