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8 questions to help you create the change you want!

Do you want a change in your life? No matter what change you want. Start with these 8 questions to initiate the change. 

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What's the meaning of your life Seminar in Raglan, New Zealand

Welcome to the LifeSpider Seminar: What's the meaning of your life? It's opportunity for you to explore and experience the answer to: What's the meaning of your life?

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45 NZD

The Connecting Circle - For mums who are looking for a change

In this 5 week coaching programme for mums who want's a change. You get the tools and support you need to make the change you want. 

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199 NZD

LifeSpider Coaching

You can never be somebody else but you can always be a better and more powerful version of yourself.

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1700-2500 NZD

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