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After this free 5-day mini-training you will get confidence, clarity, and attract the right clients!










We Start: 10 AM 22 Mar NZDT

(2 PM 21 Mar PST / 22:00 21 Mar SWE / 8 AM 22 Mar AEDT)

This mini-training is for you if...

☑️  you're a highly sensitive coach and changemaker who feel you need more energy for and in your business.

☑️  you want to make a bigger difference and play a bigger game using all the gifts that you have.

☑️  you have listened too much to other people's advice and want to tune into what you want and align with your mission.

In this 5 day mini-training, You'll learn:

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The Major Mindset Shift

that successful Sensitive Coaches and changemakers embrace to reclaim and find their way back to having lots of energy for their business.

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How to connect to your business mission

why do you do what you do in your business? Warning, this might make you want to play a bigger game.

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The importance of your energy

for your business success. And it's not that you need loads of energy. Yet, there might be a big piece that you're missing.

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The single most effective way to clear overwhelm

so you can focus on your clients and what's important in your business without feeling like you spread yourself to thin.

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How to make you and your business ignite

get your heart beating for your business again. So you can show up as you, and attract the right clients.

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Are you ready to feel excited about your business?

weather you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck, lonely, or out of funk. Waiting for the breakthrough or feeling that something is off in your business... this can be the turning point you've been waiting for.

We've been through an interesting year and it's vital to take some time to realign and make sure that we are putting our precious energy on the right things.

Join me to recalibrate and reclaim your business energy without the overwhelm.

A personal invitation from Frida...

I've been working on my mindset and inner work since before I started my business. It has lead me to where I am today and is an ongoing journey.

After six years officially in business and thinking about it much longer. Several ideas tested (and untested). And moving from Sweden to New Zealand. One thing I have discovered is the importance of restart and tweaking. Feeling into what I want and taking care of my energy. Even though I'm an introvert and Highly Sensitive I really enjoy doing this with like-minded people.

In this 5 day mini-training, I share a process that has helped me many times to find the way back to my business energy.

If you're committed to make a bigger impact and feel excited about your business while building a business that works for you with the life you want to live.

Join us to Reclaim your Business Energy

See you there!

Frida Kabo

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We Start 10 AM 22 Mar NZDT

(2 PM 21 Mar PST / 22:00 21 Mar SWE / 8 AM 22 Mar AEDT)

- Five small powerful tasks

- Five live trainings to expand on the subject

- Community to connect with likeminded

- And lot's of surprises along the way

Are you ready?

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