What's The Meaning of Your Life?

A LifeSpider System Seminar

  • Are you frustrated because you really want a change, yet don't know where to start?
  • Do you feel a huge gap between where you are and where you want to be?
  • Are you feeling stuck and don't know how to go on in life?
  • Are you thinking about what to do next?


Then this is for you:

You can never be somebody else but you can always become a better and more powerful version of yourself.

In this workshop you will:

- Discover your hidden strengths

- Reignite your spark for forgotten passions

- Awaken to possibilities that are there for you right now

This workshop offers a powerful shift in perspectives and an invitation to trust and accept yourself and go for your dreams. Give yourself this break from the ordinary and expand into new possibilities. 

What's the meaning of your life? 

This might seem to be a big question for these hours, and it is! and it isn't. During this time together, we will look at and broaden your perspective, Lift up some of those answers you have inside and have some fun.

LifeSpider System™ helps you to unite details in your everyday life with big questions and spiritual perspective. When you expand your ego and create a partnership with your soul you can realise your life projects.

LifeSpider System™ is the new generation of personal development with the founding building blocks that make you a better and more powerful version of yourself. Are you ready?

Facilitator: Frida Kabo

I'm Frida Kabo - Licenced LifeSpider™ Coach and Possibility Explorer.

Eight years ago I had the career, the husband, the kids, the house, the car - but I was unhappy, and ashamed of not being happy. I felt stuck.

Then I discovered the LifeSpider System, which gave me the support and framework to make some big shifts in my life. I realized that I didn't like myself and now, I do. I can see strength where I used to see weakness. I know who I am, what drives me, my life purposes, and where I am going.

The LifeSpider System™ helped me to change my life the way I wanted it, and in 2016 I moved from Sweden to New Zealand with my husband and our two boys.

I'm on a mission to share the LifeSpider™ system through New Zealand and Australia. I'm doing this seminar so you can explore the meaning of your life too!

I am looking forward to connect with you and awaken your possibilities, welcome!

"I enjoyed the work shop very much, this really is a great and simple formula, I'm feeling motivated and a lot clearer. "

"It was great! The things that came out of the first exercise were very encouraging and really confirmed to me that I am on the right track. Harnessing the drives of the ego was also a very different perspective for me, so I particularly enjoyed being stretched there! I am feeling positive and excited today :-) "

"We all got something from yesterday. Powerful stuff. Thank you xx"

Hamilton Seminar TBA

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Online Seminar 8 April 11am

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I'm looking forward to connect!

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