8 Questions to help you make the changes you want!

Do you feel that something needs to change in your life?
Do you ask yourself if this is it? If this is how life is suppose to be or if there's more?
Are you ready to explore what 'more' could look like for you?

Here are 8 question that help you initiate and make the changes you want to. 

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My name is Frida Kabo. When I became a mum the feeling I had of wanting more in life grew stronger. Now it was not only for me but for them. I wanted to do and be so much more and I wanted to show them and me that it was possible. At the same time I felt lost in all the different rolls I felt was expected of me to have. I had all the things that I "should" have and lost myself in the process. I knew something had to happen. 

Fast forwarding to today: I have my own successful coaching company that I can adjust around my family. Me and the family moved from Sweden to New Zealand in 2016 to try something else and we love it. I have found what makes my heart sing and follow my calling to help people find make the changes they want to make and to figure out what they really want. 

Woah! So blown away! I was intrigued about what a LifeSpider coaching session would be and took Frida up on her free offer. While she asked me questions a part of me was thinking, "where are we going with this?", but then she asked me one question and it all came together in a really powerful way. I identified a core limiting belief I didn't know was there and that has been holding me back in a big way. Now I've got the understanding and tools to do something about it. Thank you so much Frida. I highly recommend Frida and the process."

Sarah Chann
Coach, New Zealand


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