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Hi there, sensitive world changer

You’re an ambitious, deep feeling and deep thinking coach and changemaker who’re working to transform the world.

You spend your day seeing clients and creating your world-changing projects, but with only so many hours in the day and so much energy, you always feel like you’re not doing or being enough and keep wondering if you’re on the right track.

If you’re honest with yourself, you feel frustrated, restless, and overwhelmed, and deep down, you know there’s got to be something more.

You know it’s time for a change!

I’m Frida Kabo, and I’ve had the same records playing in my head, feeling the same heaviness, overwhelm, and restlessness for something more.

In 2014, I realized that living by everyone else expectations was not for me, so I embarked on my adventure and opened up to a world of possibilities. My adventure started mostly inwards, and then I started my coaching business and later moved with my family from Sweden to New Zealand in 2016. But even with all these changes, I didn’t feel like I was playing big enough and that there was something I had missed.

In 2019 I embraced that I was HSP ( a Highly Sensitive Person) And I decided to step into the mission to help those like me who are HSP, Sensitive, Introvert, Intuitive coaches and changemakers, who are here to transform the world. The bridge builders who are here to step into their power and their missions and see their uniqueness as their superpowers.

Showing the vital part they’re playing and help them enjoy the journey rather than stress to the destination.

Today, I run a Facebook group, programs, and events where I help HSP, Sensitive, Introvert, Intuitive Coaches and Changemakers to step into their power, freedom, and embrace all parts of themselves.

If you want to feel freedom, clarity, and energy to take on your bigger mission, you can get support on your journey.

Would you like to come on an adventure with me and explore a new way of showing up as yourself?

Here are 3 ways we can start together:

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Said by my clients:

"To be coached by Frida changed my life. I got the insight and courage I needed to follow through. I made changes that I knew I needed to make but had not listened to. I’ve gotten to know myself on a deeper level and I’ve learned how to see all aspects of myself as positive, which means that my love for myself has grown. Understanding my driving force and life purpose also brings the freedom to live a conscious life, with clear objectives and the knowledge that I’m on the right path. I’m very grateful for what the coaching has done for me."

- Linnea Eriksson, Sweden

"A beautiful supportive group where you can explore and talk about everything that is on your mind and important in your life. A place where your thoughts are valued and you get support to grow and learn about yourself and others. I am more clear on who I am and what I would like to be and feel like and have already made changes to be more of that. More “me”."

- Camilla Svanberg, New Zealand

"I have been coached by a number of coaches during my own coaching training and haven't had one other coach who has come close to being as effective and thought-provoking as Frida. She has shown that she's very well versed to help a client like myself to develop strengths, explore weaknesses and enhance the quality of my life."

- Hannah Noble, New Zealand


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