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Ego Evolution

Welcome to this 4-day free online summit About the new way of transformation

May 14 -17

Embrace your ego to create a world in Passion, Peace, and Perfromance

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Who is Frida Kabo?

Frida Kabo is a possibility explorer from Sweden, who has spent the past 7 years creating the change she wanted in her life, creating a life with freedom and impact in the world. In 2016 she started helping others do the same.


Ever since Frida was a young kid, she had a feeling there was 'more' to life. But not knowing what that 'more' was, she ticked the boxes of what she saw others do: education, work, husband, kids, house, and Volvo. Yet, she was not happy and ashamed of not being happy.


She knew something had to change and that's when she came in contact with the LifeSpider System. That enabled her to do the changes she wanted and get to know herself again.


Today, she's moved from Sweden to Hamilton, New Zealand with her family. Working online from home, creating the life she want to live. And as the first and, so far, only Certified LifeSpider Coach in New Zealand she help people to find their freedom, their way of living, and how they can create more impact in the world.


Living by her motto: When nothing is certain, anything is possible

Let's explore what's possible for you!

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Linnea Eriksson

"To be coached by Frida changed my life. I got the insight and courage I needed to change my life. I made changes that I really knew I needed to make but had not listened to. I’ve gotten to know myself in a deeper way and I’ve learned how to see all aspects of myself as positive, which means that my love for myself has grown. To understand my driving force and life purpose also brings the freedom to live a conscious life, with clear objectives and the knowledge that I’m on the right path. I’m very grateful for what the coaching has done for me."

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Camilla Svanberg

"A beautiful supportive place/group where you can explore and talk about everything that is on your mind and important in your life. A place where your thoughts are valued and you get support to grow and learn about yourself and others. I am more clear on who I am and what I would like to be and feel like and have already made changes to be more of that. More “me”."

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Hannah Noble

"Frida Kabo has been coaching me on an on-going basis over the last 2-3 years. I have been coached by a number of coaches during my own coaching training and haven't had one other coach who has come close to being as effective and thought provoking as Frida. The life spider system which she uses as a coaching model has provided me with deep insight about myself and Frida has shown that she's very well versed in using this model to help a client like myself to develop strengths, explore weaknesses and enhance the quality of my life. I intend to continue having coaching intermittently on an on-going basis to explore new ways to develop myself and my life."

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