What's on you mind?

excercise mind Jan 10, 2018

What's on your mind?

Facebook ask us this every time we logg in, but have you really taken the time to think about it?

We have approximately 80,000 thoughts per day. Studies have shown that 95% of these thoughts are the same as those we had yesterday, and those that we will have tomorrow.  Imagine that, 95% of our thoughts are the same! Our brain is lazy it wants to do the same thing over and over again because it takes more energy to create new connections than to use the old ones. 

Our thoughts create our reality so what we think about is really important if we want to change something. To change the thoughts you need to become aware of them and consciously explore them. In this way you can discover thought patterns and connections that could be hard to discover otherwise. One way of doing this is by writing your thoughts down or having someone to help you see your thoughts, like a coach.

I do a writing process every morning and I would like to share it...

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5 Steps to Create Your Fantastic 2018!

create excercise Jan 02, 2018

Happy new year! 

Hope you've had a great start on 2018 

Here in Raglan I’ve been to the beach ever day so far and I love it! More beach walks is on my list for 2018 and so far so good. What do you want from 2018? If you haven’t thought about it yet I will share 5 steps to create your fantastic year 2018! So grab you pen and paper or a new document on the computer, turn of Facebook and notifications and focus on these questions. Give yourself this time to really think about what you want from 2018. Put away other peoples expectations and believes about you. This is for you and about what you want, dream about, and feel good about. This is your year! Let’s start:


1. What do you want to keep in your life 2018?

Write down 5 things that you like in your life right now that you want to keep during 2018. It can be something you are, do or have, and it can be big or small. Like your perfect morning tea.


2. What don’t you want in your life...

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5 steps to feeling less lonely

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2017

The feeling of loneliness doesn't depend on how many people you have around you. If you've ever been in a room full of people and still felt lonely you know what I'm talking about. The feeling of being lonely is there because you have abandoned yourself. The feeling of being lonely is a disconnection. From you, the Now and/or the people around you. 


I have come to realize that I had become friends with the loneliness instead of becoming friend with myself. I have changed that now. But somedays my old friend the loneliness comes by and then I know what to do. And I want to share the steps with you here:


1. Investigate your loneliness

What does the feeling of loneliness want? Is it a protection, are you keeping your distance for a reason? Is it a sadness for not listening to yourself? Have you lost yourself in what you think others expect from you? Are you really alone? What is it that makes you feel alone? Has the loneliness become your friend?


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The Power of Knowing What You Want

what do you want Aug 14, 2017

Why is it important to know what you really want?

You need to know what you want in order to get what you want. If you don’t know what you want, no one else will either and then they will guess and give you what they think that you need. And make you a part in their own plan. If you don’t decide someone else will do it for you


Take responsibility for you and take back the driving seat of your own life. You are to important to sit in the backseat. When you leave the responsibility to someone else you make yourself a victim. You can not expect someone else to see you potential if you don’t see it yourself.


Stop listening to the voice that tells you how you should be. You are you and that is enough. You are here for a reason and if you follow what feels interesting and important to you. You will find what it is and how you can use your talents and gifts that you have.


When you know what you want, start share this with others. Start with those...

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What do you really want?

what do you want Aug 09, 2017

What do you really want? My first coach was sitting in front of me asking me this question. I could not answer and I realised that I hadn’t thought of what I wanted for a long time. Life had just rushed on with it’s everyday schedule. The focus was on the kids, the family, the work, the house and everything else that needed fixing and planning. 


What did I really want?


One thing I knew was that I couldn’t go on like it was now. The energy was disappearing from me and I got very little energy back. One part of me wished for a quiet room with white walls and no demands. Another part of me demanded more and knew that life was suppose to be fun and wanted adventure. I knew that I had to find out what I wanted to get the energy I needed to cope. This was not a life I wanted for my kids, so I needed to find another way of living. 


Slowly I started to listen to the signs that lead me to what I wanted. The butterflies in my...

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One year on the other side of the world

Now it’s one year since we moved to the other side of the world. We moved because we wanted to try something else then Sweden and New Zealand seemed to be different but not to different. We knew the language, they have good schools and an adventurous lifestyle that was very appealing to us.

The move was not just about moving to another country but choosing a different lifestyle and reevaluate the life that we lived. We have made a lot of changes and it’s been a real adventure.

When moving a year ago it felt like someone had thrown our life puzzle in the air and it took about half a year before we could start to put it together again. We have had a lot of fun this year but it's also been hard. There where always a new decision that had to be made and new information that needed to be found. Where to buy our food, what to eat, what food existed here and not. How to live, sleep, transport. At one point I refused to take another decision because of decision overload. 


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5 Personality tests that will help you understand yourself

test tools Jul 24, 2017

What can personality tests really say about you? A test is never the absolute truth because it is your answers of how you are and/or how you want to be. Do not let these tests define you but use them as a tool to get to know you better. Remember no matter what the result is you can always learn something from them about you or your current situation. When you have done a test, take a step back from the result and observe how you react on the result. What can you learn from the result and what can you learn from your reaction on the result.  Here are 5 Personality tests that will help you understand yourself 


These are five of my favorite tests:

(All the test will likely ask you to leave your email adress or register. You can easily unsubscribe if you do not want any more emails from them)


1. Use your intuition to answer this Archetypal test based on Jungs Archetypes. The first free test will let you know your primary archetype which will help you...

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7 Insights from 10 years of marriage

Uncategorized Jul 11, 2017

Do you live happily ever after like in the fairy tales? nja, I see marriage as an adventure and sometimes the there's an uphill and sometimes there's a downhill. Just like any relationship marriage is a process and so far it hasn't been boring. 

Ten years ago I got married on a beautiful and rainy Swedish midsummers eve. It was truly a day filled with so much love, not only for the man who became my husband but also for the family and friends who made the day possible. I always think of this day with joy in my heart.


As I write this my husband is on the other side of the world. Me and the kids are on a visit in Sweden for a month and he wanted to stay and work in our new home in Raglan (New Zealand). I miss him a lot and at the same time I think it’s good to be a part sometimes. This post could easily turn into a praise post for him, but it will not.



Here are 7 insights that has helped me in my marriage and they might help you to. 


1. He...

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You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2017

You become like the five people you spend the most time with. So think about what you want to achieve and who you want to be, then take a really good look at the people you surrond yourself with.



Who do you spend the most time with?







What does these people represent for you? Do they give you energy or take energy? Do you feel that you can be yourself around them? Do they appreciate you?


The people around us affect us more than we might think. How we look at ourselves, how we feel, if we feel exhausted or energized. I don't want to start a blaming game here. It is totally up to you who you spend time with. You don't have to spend time with someone, you really don't. 


When you want to make a change, start spending time with new people. Think of what you want to do and find people who are already doing it or that wants to do it. If you want to start your own business, start hanging out with people that has started. Ask...

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5 steps to make more impact in the world

Uncategorized May 23, 2017

There are som important steps to make more impact in the world. We are all making impact wether we are aware of it or not. Thats why awareness is so important so we can choose what impact we want to make. These five steps are about raising your awareness of the impact you are making and can make in your day to day life, it is also about thinking big and think action.


Do you want to make more impact in the world?

5 steps to make more impact in the world


1. Smile - To be more aware of the impact you have on the people you have around you. And how that impact comes back to you. Smile to yourself in the mirror and se how that feels and smile to someone unexpectedly and notice how it impacts them and you. 


2. Money - This is about making concuss decisions and see that you do have the power to impact if you think about it that way. How we spend our money is a vote for what we are supporting. What do you vote for? If you planned to buy something today, think it...

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